Portugal Has No Need For Bad Bank, PM Costa Says

Portugal Has No Need For Bad Bank, PM Costa Says

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"We seem to be very good at keeping up the alerts during a disaster, but before the rains came there was hardly anything," said Menake Wijesinghe, a disaster response and resilience advisor with child development charity Plan International.

Costa said his government was working with the national central bank to further stabilise the banking sector by setting up a platform for banks to coordinate the repayment of debts, as many firms had loans with several lenders.

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The agency bases its warnings only on data relayed from measuring equipment installed along waterways, he said, since national weather forecasts usually lack rainfall estimates that are precise enough and local enough to issue useful flood warnings.

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BERLIN, May 30 (Reuters) - Portugal's banks show no signs of needing further state aid and the country does not need a bad bank, Prime Minister Antonio Costa told German newspaper Handelsblatt in an interview published on Tuesday.

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